Complete Gun Repair

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Complete Gun Repair

 Call us to speak to one of our 3 expert gunsmith on staff.  Or if you need advice just come in and talk to our very knowlegeable staff about all your hunting and firearm needs...and wants. Come visit us at our store at 71 Oleary Avenue to check out our selection of rifles, scopes, pistols and aummunition. We also carry additional support gear like camo clothing, sent killer and gun cleaners. We have it all in stock and anything you cannot find, we have the best resources available.

We have dedicated our time effort to making our store a pleasure for you to come in a talk, learn and be a satisified customer.




Our service highlights and promise

  1. Diagnose and repair a broad selection of popular hunting firearms including rifles, shotguns, and handguns
  2. Whether it is a minor or major repair or even a complete
    restoration, please do not hesitate to contact us as all our
    customers are treated with the utmost respect
  3. All work is carried out by our own dedicated team of
  4. Customer service is a very important issue to us as is keeping costs down to an acceptable level.


The BIG News!! 

Opening very soon the only indoor gun range on the avalon.  Check out the news page for more details.